VC Canvas - Notion-based Landing Page for Venture Capital Practices

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Introducing VC Canvas: Your Notion Template for Instant VC Firm Presence Online in Minutes

Launching your VC firm online has never been this seamless. With VC Canvas, you can present your micro VC, VC firm, or solo GP practice live within minutes online in minutes.

Don't want to spend weeks on building a website and rather focus on fundraising or investing? VC Canvas enables you to have online presence in minutes and with no monthly fees or strings attached.

This 1 page template is crafted to present your unique investment thesis and process, and provide a comprehensive overview for potential founders and partners. Talk about your team, your portfolio, answer founder FAQs.

  • Build Your Presence in Minutes: With CapitalCanvas, you can go from concept to a live online presence in a matter of minutes. No need for extensive web development or design skills—simply input your information, and the template takes care of the rest.
  • Publicize Your Message: Make a statement with your VC firm by going public with your messaging. CapitalCanvas allows you to highlight your investment thesis, articulate your unique processes, and share essential information about your firm. Craft a compelling narrative that resonates with potential founders and partners.
  • Adapt with Ease: Easily tailor any information in the template to suit your evolving needs. Whether it's updating your portfolio, refining your investment approach, or adding FAQs for founders, CapitalCanvas puts you in control. The intuitive design ensures that adjustments can be made effortlessly, keeping your online presence up-to-date and relevant.
  • Deploy Online Quickly: Publish a public link directly from Notion or connect the template a custom domain.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Online Presence: Launch your VC firm live in minutes.
  • Public Messaging: Showcase your investment thesis, processes, and key information.
  • Easy Adjustments: Tailor the template to your evolving needs effortlessly.

Who can benefit from VC Canvas?

VC Canvas is designed for any micro VC, VC firm, or solo GP looking for a hassle-free solution to establish a powerful online presence.

  • Micro VCs: Streamline your online presence and present your unique value proposition effortlessly.
  • VC Firms: Elevate your visibility with a dynamic template that grows with your evolving needs.
  • Solo GPs: Showcase your expertise and investment approach with a professional online presence.

Ready to make a lasting impression? Choose CapitalCanvas and transform your online visibility today. Unleash the power of a dynamic VC firm template with Notion.

💡 How will I receive the template?

Immediately after check out you will receive a link to the Notion template which you can duplicate to your workspace and start using instantly.

💡 Can I see the template in action before I purchase?

Sure thing!

Click here to see VC Canvas in Action

💡 How do I publish VC Canvas Online?

There are several options how you can make your Notion-based landing page accessible:

  1. Use built-in Notion "Share & Publish" functionality. Extremely easy (takes 5 seconds) but will generate an "ugly" URL in a format such as as (
  2. Use method 1/ but use url shortener such as or to make the URL shorter & customizable
  3. Purchase a custom domain of your choosing (such as from a domain registrar service such as Namecheap and redirect the domain to lead to the Notion-generated link from method 1/
  4. Use dedicated Notion website service such as

🙋‍♀️ Questions? Please Reach Out:

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30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with the product or it does not fulfil your expectations I would be happy to refund your full purchase price.

Last updated Nov 13, 2023

VC Canvas - Notion-based Landing Page for Venture Capital Practice

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VC Canvas - Notion-based Landing Page for Venture Capital Practices

0 ratings
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