VentureScope - Portfolio Management for Micro VC, Solo GPs and Angels in Notion

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Introducing VentureScope: Your Premier Notion Template for Portfolio Management for Micro VC, Solo GPs, and Angels

Are you navigating the dynamic terrain of small-scale venture capital? VentureScope is here to keep your portfolio of startup investments organized and tracked in one place.

Crafted with the unique needs of Micro VCs, Solo General Partners, and Angel Investors in mind, VentureScope is your go-to solution for managing a diverse startup portfolio with precision and ease.


  1. Startup Portfolio Interaction Tracker: Stay connected with every crucial touchpoint. VentureScope simplifies tracking interactions, touchpoint dates, performance tracking and more ensuring you're always engaged and updated with your portfolio companies and founders.
  2. Investment Performance Analysis: Measure your success with VentureScope's MOIC (Multiple on Invested Capital) tracking feature. Evaluate the performance of your overall portfolio as well as individual investments, making data-driven decisions effortless.
  3. Organized Meeting Chronicles: Keep your meetings, notes, and essential documents neatly organized. With VentureScope, accessing detailed touchpoint records and related documentation for each startup is just a click away.
  4. Comprehensive Startup Parameters Monitoring: Dive deep into the details. Track over 20 critical parameters for each startup in your portfolio, ranging from financial metrics to strategic developments.

Efficiency is at the heart of successful investment management. VentureScope provides a bird's-eye view of your portfolio's performance, offering instant insights into each startup's progress and potential.

Who can benefit from VentureScope?

  • Micro Venture Capitalists: Enhance your portfolio management with a tool designed for the complexities of small-scale venture capital.
  • Solo General Partners: Embrace a streamlined approach to monitor and manage your investments effectively.
  • Angel Investors: Elevate your investment strategy with organized and insightful tracking of your startup ventures.

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๐Ÿ’ก How will I receive the template?

Immediately after check out you will receive a link to the Notion template which you can duplicate to your workspace and start using instantly.

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VentureScope - Portfolio Management for Micro VC, Solo GPs and Angels in Notion

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